Daniel Freund

19. October 2023 Anti-Corruption

13 billion Euros: Did the Orban government fulfill the milestones to unfreeze EU cohesion funds? | press conference MONDAY 23.10.

More than 27 billion Euros of EU funds, earmarked for Hungary, are currently frozen due to corruption and rule of law violations of the Orban government. The EU-Commission has locked these funds using three different instruments. Payout of these funds is conditional on certain reforms (“milestones”).

Currently, there are negotiations ongoing between the EU-Commission and the Hungarian government about unlocking these frozen funds – particularly on 13 billion Euros of cohesion funds which are tied to the fulfillment of four milestones related to the reform of the judiciary. The Orban government claims that they have fulfilled the milestones. It is being reported that an agreement with the EU-Commission is approaching.

Rule of law negotiators in the European Parliament from EPP, S&D, Renew and Greens/EFA have made their own assessment of the Hungarian judiciary reforms with the help of law scholars and Hungarian legal experts, to see if the Orban government has fulfilled the necessary milestones to unlock EU funds. In a press conference they will present their findings.


Monday, October 23rd – 13h00


Anna Politkovskaya press room, PHS building of the European Parliament in Brussels.

Remote participation is possible with the following link: 



Petri Sarvamaa, MEP, EPP

Thijs Reuten, MEP, S&D

Katalin Cseh, MEP, Renew,

Daniel Freund, MEP, Greens/EFA


The EU can be our best tool in the fight against corruption, money laundering and tax evasion. But it must also be used in the right way. In the future, the EU should fight corruption much more decisively. That is why I have set up an Intergroup against corruption in the European Parliament.