The EU can be our best tool in the fight against corruption, money laundering and tax evasion. But it must also be used in the right way. In the future, the EU should fight corruption much more decisively. That is why I have set up an Intergroup against corruption in the European Parliament.

Whether it’s corona aid, Erasmus scholarships or agricultural subsidies – EU money should reach those for whom it is intended. Unfortunately, EU taxpayers’ money still disappears far too often in secret corporate networks or the pockets of corrupt would-be autocrats. Every year we lose many billions of euros through corruption. Corruption destroys the trust of citizens in politics. That is why we need clear rules that condition the disbursement of EU funds to functioning institutions based on the rule of law. And we need an independent authority that can monitor disbursements, investigate fraud and impose sanctions.

Corruption destroys the trust of citizens in politics.
billions euro are at least lost every year in the EU through corruption
This is how many years the EU has failed to implement its UN anti-corruption commitments
journalists were murdered in the EU in 2018 because of their research on corruption