Daniel Freund

6. December 2023 Anti-Corruption

Press Briefing: Unfreeze to Appease?! EU funds for Hungary and the EUCO summit | Monday, December 11th, 14h00

It is becoming apparent that the EU Commission will release around 10 billion euros of frozen EU funds to Hungary in the coming days. This is just coming days before the European Council summit on December 14th, which could end up in a deadlock because Viktor Orban opposes Ukraine’s EU accession talks. At this press briefing we want to take a look at EU funds for Hungary which are currently frozen and answer the question how, why and how much could be released. We will also discuss how the current move by the EU-Commission might be part of a deal with the Orban government and what other options the EU-Commission and the member states would have to lift Viktor Orban’s veto. Finally, we want to sketch potential reactions of the European Parliament to an unfreezing of EU funds for Hungary in the current situation.


Daniel Freund, Greens, Member of the European Parliament


Monday, December 11th, 14h00


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The EU can be our best tool in the fight against corruption, money laundering and tax evasion. But it must also be used in the right way. In the future, the EU should fight corruption much more decisively. That is why I have set up an Intergroup against corruption in the European Parliament.