Daniel Freund

10. March 2021 Democracy

Conference Future EU: More Democratic Participation, Less Slamming on the Brakes by EU Governments

Today (Thursday), the presidents of the political groups in the European Parliament have confirmed the roadmap for the Conference on the Future of Europe. This clears the way for a process that should lead to the most comprehensive reform of the European Union in more than a decade. Elected citizens’ assemblies will be an essential part of the Conference. The Conference is scheduled to begin this year – probably on May 9 – and will, by spring 2022, develop concrete proposals to bring the European Union closer to its citizens, make it more democratic and more effective.

Daniel Freund, representative of the Greens/EFA Group for the Conference, comments:

“Euro crisis, migration crisis and Corona pandemic have clearly shown: The EU needs to be fundamentally reformed. This conference can and must initiate the right process to do this. We need more democratic participation in Europe and less slamming on the brakes by the member states.”

“The EU faces enormous challenges when it comes to climate protection, digitization, fundamental values and Europe’s role in the world. We must engage in a dialogue with our citizens now. The concept of randomly drawn citizens’ assemblies is innovative. It worked very well in Ireland and at the French Climate Convention.”

“There has been a long, perhaps too long, debate about details and personalities. The important thing is: the Conference will finally start. I am convinced that together with our citizens we can develop a momentum that will lead to Europe moving closer together and to more competencies for the European Union.”