You’ve probably landed here because you want one of these fancy notebooks. In case you’re wondering why I’m doing this at all: I’m a member of the European Parliament for the Greens and in my political work I campaign for a Federal Republic of Europe. In times of Brexit and right-wing populists, the little blue (still fictitious) passport is the right signal: we want more Europe.

Just send me an email with your address to ue.dn1718427775uerfl1718427775einad1718427775@ofni1718427775. Then you will receive your “Europe-Passport” by post.

In return, I would like to add you to my mailing list and keep you informed about my work in Brussels.

Are you annoyed by small-minded nationalists and sad about the Brexit? I feel the same way. I think it's time for the European Union to finally take a step forward again. This is the only way we can meet the challenges of the future without repeating the mistakes of the past. For up to now, crises have always arisen in the EU where integration has progressed but got stuck halfway: we can travel without borders in the EU, but we have no common rules for immigration and asylum. With the euro, we have a common currency, but no common economic and social policy to counter the consequences of the euro crisis.

That is why, together with many other MEPs, I am campaigning for a more democratic and powerful Europe in the European Parliament. We want to advance European integration so that Europe can speak with one voice in the world. We want a Europe that is even more democratic, transparent and social.

In 1957, the founding members of the European Economic Community - the forerunner of the European Union - signed the Treaties of Rome. Right in the preamble they express their determination "to lay the foundations of an ever closer union among the peoples of Europe". This has been one of the guiding principles of the European Union ever since - to create a closer community with every step forward. I believe that now is the time for another step forward. The upcoming "Conference on the Future of the EU" is the ideal opportunity to do so. The reform process is to start as early as 9 May 2020. So let's get it on and take the next step towards a Federal Republic of Europe!