Daniel Freund

16. October 2023 Democracy

Europe Calling "A New Constitution for Europe" on 18.10.2023, 18:30 hrs CEST

The European Union could soon be writing a new constitution. Why? Because the discussion about the reform of the EU is getting more and more traction: Next week (25 Oct), the Constitutional Affairs Committee (AFCO) of the European Parliament will vote on whether the EU Parliament should start the process for amendments to the EU Treaties and whether a Constitutional Convention should be convened for this purpose. What’s special about is:

The initiative to amend the treaties is supported by all five pro-democracy groups in the Parliament.

The changes are quite ambitious: national vetoes are to give way to majority decisions, the European Parliament is to become a legislator with equal rights and the EU Commission is to become a real government – accountable to the Parliament. Fundamental values and the rule of law are to be given much more power. 

This would fundamentally change the Union – as also demanded by the citizens at the EU Future Conference.

Reason enough for us to make these proposals the subject of our second part of the series “The EU of the Future” (Part 1 here) – a few days before the landmark vote of the Constitutional Committee.

Joining us are the five MEPs who were instrumental in negotiating the proposals:

  • Gaby Bischoff, S&D (SPD, Germany).
  • Daniel Freund, Greens/EFA (Bündnis90/Die Grünen, Germany)
  • Helmut Scholz, GUE/NGL (The Left, Germany)
  • Sven Simon, EPP (CDU, Germany)
  • Guy Verhofstadt, Renew (OpenVLD, Belgium)

Voices from academia, civil society and politics weighing in for us:

  • Zuzana Kasáková, Ph.D., Vice-Dean for International Relations, Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University Prague & Associate Research Fellow, Europeum Institute for European Policy.
  • Valentina Balzani, Citizen Ambassador of the “Conference on the Future of Europe” from Italy
  • Clara Föller, President of the Young European Federalists
  • Anton Hofreiter, Member of the German Bundestag, Chairman of the European Affairs Committee of the German Bundestag

Date: 18 October 2023, 18:30 – 20:00 CEST (Brussels/Berlin)

Register here: LINK

The webinar will be simultaneously translated into German and English.

Join us and invite others. As always, there will be time for your questions and discussion.


Climate catastrophe, companies that pay no taxes, the impact of digitalisation - no single country can solve these problems alone. For this we need a strong European Union that is capable of taking action. For the Greens/European Free Alliance, I am responsible for leading the work on the conference on the future of the EU.