Daniel Freund

14. December 2021 Democracy

New EU Constitution: Citizens demand fundamental EU reform

Last weekend, 200 randomly selected citizens decided on binding proposals for EU reform. The citizens emphasize that they want a democratic Europe that defends its values. They also call for work on a European constitution. 

Representatives of all EU institutions will now have to deal with the 39 proposals of the Democracy and Values citizens panel within the framework of the Conference on the Future of Europe. They shall be part of the conclusions of the Conference so that concrete legislative projects can follow from them.

Daniel Freund, head of the Greens/EFA delegation at the Future Conference, comments:

“The Conference on the Future of the EU is an invitation to our citizens to shape the future of our Union. The proposals from the citizens’ panels must be implemented, otherwise we risk losing citizen’s trust. The recommendations show that EU citizens want a stronger EU: more democracy, better enforcement of European values and more investment. It is the duty of European and national politicians to turn these recommendations into laws. Citizens provide Europe with a unique chance to remove blockades that have lasted too long. There must be no excuses for further restraint. If we want citizens to truly identify with the EU, we must deliver now.”

Highlights from the recommendations of the Citizens’ Panel on Democracy, Values, Rule of Law, Security:

  • Amending the general conditionality regulation for financial sanctions in case of violations of the rule of law in Member States also independent of a threat to the EU budget. Independent media to be better protected and financially supported.
  • A right for EU citizens to vote directly for European party lists with candidates from many member states (transnational lists in an EU constituency in addition to the national/regional constituencies currently) with uniform European electoral conditions.
  • European public investment to create good jobs and improve the quality of life across the EU. Large companies should be properly taxed, tax havens in the EU abolished.
  • A solution to the problem with unanimity in votes in the Council of Ministers, if necessary also by amending the EU Treaties.
  • A European Constitution that protects democracy and fundamental rights and is voted on by the citizens.
The Conference on the Future of the EU is an invitation to our citizens to shape the future of our Union.