Daniel Freund

6. June 2023 Anti-Corruption

6 months after QatarGate: only 2 of 14 EP integrity reforms in force

6 months after QatarGate only 2 of 14 reforms of Roberta Metsola are in force 🟢 We have to clean up faster! Urgently missing:
🔴 independent enforcement of lobby rules by an EU Ethics Body
🔴 all MEPs publish their lobby meetings
🔴 MEPs’ disclose their assets
our analysis 👇

14 point plan and other relevant EP integrity reforms / 6 June ‘23 status
1. Cooling off for former MEPs (6 months) 🟢
2. All integrity information on one page on EP homepage 🔴
3. No event or speaker role in EP for lobbyists without registration 🟢
4. Mandatory declaration of lobby meetings by all MEPs and staff 📌 🔴
5. Ban on friendship groups with third countries 📌 🔴
6. Access log for all visitors of the EP 🟡
7. Adapt access rights for ex MEPs to cooling off 📌 🔴
8. Oblige MEPs to solve conflict of interests (not just declare them) 📌 🔴
9. MEPs to add details to their financial interest declarations 📌 🔴
10. Strengthen EP whistleblower protection (in line with EU Directive) 🔴
11. Strengthening EP Ethics Committee with a right of initiative 📌 🔴
12. Apply current rules on Human Rights work 🟡
13. Maintain contacts with national authorities against corruption 🟡
14. Extend possibility to sanction MEPs on more rules 📌




disclose MEPs assets 📌

[The EP] Believes that a declaration of assets by Members at the beginning and end of each mandate would offer additional safeguards against corruption, following the example of many Member States; (QatarGate EP resolution 15.12.2022)







ban all paid MEP lobby side jobs 📌

[The EP] calls, in order to limit potential conflicts of interest, for a ban on Members of the European Parliament performing paid side jobs or activities on behalf of organisations or individuals covered by the scope of the Transparency Register; (Ethics Body reso 16.02.23)







set up an independent EU Ethics Body

EP adopted position 16 September 2021, awaiting Commission proposal this 7 / 8 June ’23





🟢= adopted and in force, 🔴= not yet, 🟡= unclear / assessment by ue.ap1713186638orue.1713186638lrapo1713186638rue@d1713186638nuerf1713186638.lein1713186638ad1713186638

📌= to be regulated in the EP rules of procedure, currently under negotiation in a working group of AFCO